SynDiesel® B5 synthetically made diesel fuel, with a 60 cetane rating, storage life of up to 10 years and 10% more BTU's than conventional diesel .

Project X Volkswagen Beetle

 SYNDIESEL ® B5 Biodiesel Blend Tries for Mileage Record at Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week in September

 The SynDiesel Project X Volkswagen Beetle
expected to win the mileage competition in Drag Week 2010

(HOUSTON, TX) August 28, 2010 – Syndiesel, often referred to as synthetic or GTL diesel, will return to the Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week next month in the SYNDIESEL Project X Volkswagen Beetle.   The Beetle is the odds on favorite to capture the mileage record for the five day event where competitors race at five different drag strips and have to drive, unassisted to all events during the week. 

Last year, Mike Wood’s “DuraMax GT,” a 1994 Mustang GT was the winner of the Diesel Class competition, burning an average of 38.5 miles per gallon, including race time. “My miles per gallon were 3.5 mpg better than last year using a number two diesel. The SynDiesel provided a lot less smoke, more power and cleaner launches. I attribute my win, in part, to the SynDiesel fuel.”

SynDiesel is a renewable and green fuel that was created as an alternative to fossil crude oil diesel. Syndiesel can be used in diesel engines without modification, including automobiles, trucks, buses and industrial diesel turbines. Syndiesel carries the highest cetane number of any diesel fuel on the market, making it a clean alternative than regular diesel.

Greg Hogue, owner, Motor Sports Supply, and driver of the “Project X” Beetle in Drag Week 2010, said, “This is the second year that SynDiesel has fueled the Project X Beetle at Drag Week.  We have rebuilt our engine to accommodate the higher cetane and power that the fuel has to offer.  We learned a lot from Mike Woods’ Nitrous Express Duramax Mustang that busted the 200 MPH barrier using SynDiesel racing fuel and we are ready to set a record with what could be the world’s fastest VW Beetle.”

Synthetic diesel is made from a gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology that creates liquid hydrocarbons from synthetic gas, which can be made from a variety of fossil fuels and environmental fuels.  Syndiesel (R) B5 uses biodiesel made from soybean or canola oils. The major attributes of synthetically produced diesel fuels are:

  • High Cetane (60 cetane number vs 40 for regular diesel fuel)  
  • Higher BTU (British Thermal Unit) value than regular diesel fuel  
  • High level of Stability (lasts a long time)  
  • Clear water white color  

Other unique characteristics about Syndiesel:

  • Sulfur free
  • Reduces exhaust temperatures
  • Stops detonation
  • Pleasant “candy” smell
  • Does not produce gums
  • Does not produce sludge     
  • Does not produce oxidation
  • Will last for ten years in storage

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