SynDiesel® B5 synthetically made diesel fuel, with a 60 cetane rating, storage life of up to 10 years and 10% more BTU's than conventional diesel .

Forest Thistle

SynDiesel ® synthetically produced diesel fuels are designed for high performance requirements of clean diesel engines.  SynDiesel is committed to providing the best possible clean diesel products. 

Synthetic diesel is made from a gas-to-liquids technology that creates liquid hydrocarbons from synthetic gas which can be made from a variety of fossil fuels and environmental fuels.  The major attributes of synthetically produced diesel fuels are:

  • Little or no sulfur compounds
  • High Cetane (60 cetane number vs 40 for regular diesel fuel)
  • Higher btu value than regular diesel fuel
  • High level of Stability (lasts a long time)
  • Pleasant odor
  • Higher flash point
  • Clear water white color

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