SynDiesel® B5 synthetically made diesel fuel, with a 60 cetane rating, storage life of up to 10 years and 10% more BTU's than conventional diesel.

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SynDiesel ® S2 Diesel Fuel

The original formula of SynDiesel conceived in 1995, a blend of paraffin and olefin in the C10 range. 

Produces 10% more horsepower than conventional diesel fuels. 

SynDiesel ® B5 Diesel Fuel

Original SynDiesel S2 formula with added 5% biodiesel made from soybean, palm or canola oils.  Added oxygen creates even more cetane power with extremely fast burn.  This is the specification fuel used in the VW Jetti TDI Cup racing cars.

SynDiesel ® B20 Diesel Fuel

SynDiesel S2 with 20% biodiesel made from soybean or canola oils.  Excellent for clean burn when high horsepower is not the ultimate goal.